November 23, 2017

Looking for the perfect Christmas party sophisticated up do? Let our Schwarzkopf Young Artistic Team Member and Designer Stylist from our Rainbow Room International Bearsden salon, Megan Deigan, show you how to get the perfect look...

For this look, you will need: 2 small elastics, 1 clip, 1 comb, hair grips and flexible hairspray. Megan would also highly recommend Schwarzkopf Session Label Flexible Hairspray and Schwarzkopf Session Label Powder Cloud for this look.

Step 1 - section hair into 3, section 1 should be 2 inches from your front hairline and secured with a clip and section 2 should be 2 inches above your back hairline and secured in the center with an elastic. With section 3, your remaining hair, use an elastic just above section 2 and secure it.

Step 2 - create a small space in section 2 above the elastic and loop section 3 through, then backcomb to give your roll some structure.

Step 3 - roll your hair up and secure the ends, placing your pins in horizontally and above the elastic of section 3, then fan the sides out and secure with pins.

Step 4 - using your Schwarzkopf Session Label Powder Cloud and Schwarzkopf Flexible Hairspray add some texture to your hair.

Step 5 - Create movement around your face by curling section 1. For this look I used the GHD classic curl tong and tonged all the hair away from the face.

Step 6 - comb your curls out and secure into the back, leaving some softer tresses at the front to keep your look feminine and soft.

Step 7 - give your head a light shake to make sure your hair is dance proof, throw in a few more pins for safety and give it a good hairspray!