Congress 2018 Award Winners

April 18, 2019

Graduation from The Academy 2018

Harry (George Square)

Alanna (Royal Exchange Square)
Gillian (Academy)

Carly (Ayr)

Simone (Uddingston)


Bronze Commendation Award

Saskia (Clarkston) Total Styling

Rachael (Ayr) Total Clients

Douglas (Stirling) Total Treatments/Total Technical

Diana (Uddingston) Total Converts/Total Client Care


Silver Commendation Award

Imogen (Uddingston) Total Styling

Joy (Buchanan Street) Total Clients

Rachael (Ayr) Total Converts

Pamela (Buchanan Street) Total Technical

Jackie (East Kilbride) Total Treatments/Total Client Care


Gold Commendation Award

Laura (Clarkston) Newcomer of 2018

Carly (Ayr) Newcomer of 2018

Tara (Crow Road) Part Time Stylist 2018

Sarah (Beauty) Total Client Care/Total Clients/Total Converts/Total Treatments

Emma-Jane (Uddingston) Total Styling

Joy (Buchanan Street) Total Client Care/Total Treatments/Total Technical

Pamela (Buchanan Street) Total Clients/Total Converts


Self Improvement During 2018

Reece (Howard Street)

Caitlin (Howard Street)

Misha (Uddingston)

Daisy (Great Western Road)

Ross (Ayr)

Kitty (Stirling)

Stephanie (George Square)


Self Improvement 2017-2018

Kenny (Great Western Road)

Charisse (Crow Road)

Jane (Crow Road)

Craig (Howard Street)

Maria (Buchanan Street)

Chris (Royal Exchange Square)

Lisa-Marie (Royal Exchange Square)

Paige (Royal Exchange Square)

Syd (Royal Exchange Square)

Kathryn (Royal Exchange Square)

Lori (East Kilbride)

Brogan (Bearsden)

Alijah (Bearsden)

Robyn (George Square)

Kayleigh (George Square)

Imogen (Uddingston)

Alison (Beauty)


Self Improvement During 2018 and from 2017-2018

Tiffanie (Great Western Road)

Summer (Great Western Road)

Megan (Bearsden)

Riley (Royal Exchange Square)

Brody (Clarkston)

Adele (Clarkston)

Saskia (Clarkston)

Zoey (Ayr)

Lisa (East Kilbride)


Bonus Cheques

Ella (Crow Road)

Arran (Royal Exchange Square)

Natalia (Uddingston)

Melody (George Square)

Rosie (Stirling)

Rowan (Bearsden)

Jennifer (George Square)

Zoey (Ayr)

Mikey (Royal Exchange Square)

Karmin (Royal Exchange Square)

Zach (East Kilbride)

Alijah (Bearsden)

Toni (Buchanan Street)

Ava (Buchanan Street)

Imogen (Uddingston)

Thalia (Stirling)

Mila (Uddingston)

Milly (Ayr)

Sarah (Beauty)

Gabby (George Square)

Courtney (George Square)

Morgan (Royal Exchange Square)

Emma-Jane (Uddingston)

Megan (Bearsden)

Summer (Great Western Road)

Jack (Great Western Road)

Stephanie (George Square)

Tara (Crow Road)

Lynn (Bearsden)

Lori (East Kilbride)

Geri (Buchanan Street)

Jodie (Bearsden)

Paddy (George Square)

Brogan (Bearsden)

Meg (George Square)

Diana (Uddingston)

Saskia (Clarkston)

Jackie (East Kilbride)

Rachael (Ayr)

Joy (Buchanan Street)

Pam (Buchanan Street)


Assistant of the Year Level 2

Joele (George Square)


Assistant of the Year Level 3

Freya (Uddingston)

Kenzie (Bearsden)


Maintaining "A" Rating Through 2018

Howard Street


Reception Team of the Year



Academy Trainer of the Year

Gabby (George Square)


Creative Men's Image Award

Diana Carson


Creative Image Award

Megan Deigan


Creative Collection

Diana Carson


Creative Team Collection



Social Media Awards

Reece (Howard Street) Bronze

Adele (Clarkston) Silver

Stephanie (George Square) Gold


Fantastic Hairdresser of the Year

Adele (Clarkston)


Caring Award



Professional Role Model in Training

Tara (Crow Road)


Salon Team of the Year