LVL Lashes - Length, Volume and Lift!

November 6, 2015

As our LVL Lashes treatment launches at Rainbow Room International Beauty in our Royal Exchange Square salon, Head Beautician, Alison gives us the low-down and everything we need to know on the new beauty trend!... As time goes on, we are noticing less and less people opting for eyelash extensions, maybe they like the natural look or something that requires less upkeep! I'm always one of them...having recently tried the LVL lash treatment, I have found the perfect balance. Length, Volume and Lift...all in one treatment. Patch tests required, no one wants an allergic reaction, can be dangerous and not pretty and is required at least 48hrs before the treatment. This treatment ranges from around £45 up to £75 in different salons and at Rainbow Room International we are £55, and definitely worth it! My makeup routine is never without eyelash curlers, I was never blessed with naturally curled lashes. I haven't had to even think about lash curlers since this treatment. The difference is amazing and everyone should try it! The lashes are lifted from the root, conditioned and volumised, then an added colour boost (tint) to maximise the result. Treatment time around 1 hour of eyes shut relaxation. Unlike the old school eyelash perm this treatment does not bend the lash, or make it appear 'frazzled' as I experienced many years ago. Lasting up to 6 weeks, I am so happy with this treatment and it will definitely be part of my beauty treatment regime (one more added to the list! Girls will be girls)