March 21, 2019

When you think of spring/summer you think of glowing, dewy skin. To get this look it's more about the prep and your skincare routine rather than foundation and makeup. Therefore, it's important to ensure that your skin is hydrated at all times in order for it to look extra healthy. Ready to ditch the dryness and get dewy? One of my favourite products to create this look is Dermalogica's Phyto Replenish Oil. Using the oil, lightly press 4-6 drops you're your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck and lightly massage using pressure you find comfortable over the skin three times. This promotes brightness and de puffing of the eyes, boosts radiance and smooths fine lines to achieve that luminous dewy skin you see in magazines and on the runway.

This trend is perfect for us at Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square, we love brows (tick) and love lashes (tick). Bold brows and lustrous lashes are at an all time high and show no sign of going anywhere this season! Being complimented on your eyebrows is one of the best things (we think) the perfect arch, natural but full, shaped but not fake! Everyone is obsessed with this look and it's achievable with our 7 Step HD Brow Treatment, available at our Royal Exchange Square salon.

You can't have perfect brows without perfect lashes, as seen on the Chanel and Prada runways, these fashion houses favour that full mascara look. We have a way to achieve that lift and colour with one treatment at Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square that lasts 6-8 weeks - LVL. LVL "takes lashes from natural to super natural" by lifting the lashes at the root and the tinting involved in the service, gives the appearance of longer thicker lashes with no messing around with mascara - giving you the perfect lashes from the moment you wake up!

Sarah x
Rainbow Room International Beauty
24 Royal Exchange Square