Winter Haircare Tips

December 19, 2017

Winter has finally approached us and everyone knows this is the season for mulled wine, mistletoe and of course... split ends. The season will change, as will your hair care - so here are some top-tips to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy during the festive season.

1. Say goodbye to dehydrated hair this winter with our Repair Hair Mask
Use our Rainbow Room International Repair Hair Mask to keep on top of dry and dehydrated hair. This nourishing hair mask contains White Tea Extract, an ingredient commonly known for its protection against oxygen and repair factors. Along with the numerous benefits this hair mask provides, it smells fabulous. We recommend this is done weekly to optimise your hair care routine.

2. Be fearless with radiant, shiny hair this winter with the benefits of 10 in 1
Our amazing Rainbow Room International 10 in 1 Treatment contains keratin - a smoothing ingredient that leaves hair feeling softer, silkier and all-in-all more manageable. What can this product not do with its 10 fantastic benefits:
- Rehydrates dry, damaged hair
- Heat protector
- Detangles hair, refraining from further damage caused by brushing
- Similarly, to the Repair Hair Mask, this 10 in 1 treatment contains antioxidants
- Infused with Sunflower Seed Oil
- Provides your hair with a light, soft and smooth finish allowing a more manageable hairstyle
- Reduces the appearance of split ends
- Controls frizzy and unruly hair
- Enhances the natural body and movement of your hair
- Contains a UV filter to protect whatever festive colour you'll be rocking this season

3. Get smooth, hassle free hair with our Nano Keratin Treatment
Book in now to your nearest Rainbow Room Salon for a Nano Keratin Treatment. This intensive ceramic-based treatment hydrates, smooths, rejuvenates and protects hair. The result lasts up to 12 weeks and due to the smoothing qualities of this treatment, you will need to use less heat, thus keeping your winter hair healthy!

4. Use a shampoo which will help your overuse of heat this Christmas
It is commonly known that you'll be going out more often this season compared to others, this means you'll more than likely be using more heat on your hair to get that perfect Christmassy style. Our Rainbow Room International Repair Shampoo is amazing for helping to repair heat damage. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and the special ingredients inside help rejuvenate and protect hair, perfect for getting through the damage the winter season can cause your hair!