PLEASE NOTE: Children's appointments: These are not available for online booking - please phone the salon to book.
Skin tests will be required for colour services (clients who have not had a skin test or colour service with RRI in the previous 6 months)

Booking System

Booking online couldn't be simpler! Just choose your service and stylist and then click the blue button to book.

FAQ - Booking

Can I use my old username and password for the new booking system?

Unfortunately not. Our new booking system is completely new which means that you need to re-register. It should all be worth it though!

Where do I register?

Registration takes place during the booking process, after you have selected your appointment.

After selecting my stylist and treatment nothing is happening. What's wrong?

Please make sure that you are allowing popups to appear on the website. You should see a bar appear at the top of your browser asking you to give permission for the pop up window to appear, simply say yes to this and you should be able to continue.

Why is my screen blank when I go to the online booking page?

Our new booking system has been built to work across multiple Internet browsers, however there are still some old versions kicking around that might not like it too much. To experience the full system you may need to upgrade to the latest version of your Internet browser.  If you're still using Internet Explorer 6 it's about time to update!

Can I book online using my phone?

Yes!  Our website and booking system are completely mobile responsive, which means you can look at the site and book your next appointment on your mobile and tablet.

Is my payment secure?

Yes.  As well as being on a secure website, the booking system uses a payment gateway called Realex.

Can I manage my appointments online?

Yes, of course.  As with our previous booking system, once you make your appointment you'll recieve an email with all the details you need, including information on how to manage it should you need to make any changes.

How do I get the booking to work on my iphone or ipad?

In order to use the Phorest online booking for salons on Safari on an iPhone or iPad, you need Private Browsing turned off. This is because online booking needs to remember who you are in order to complete the booking. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Firstly you will know you are in private browsing because the top of the screen has a black background. 
  2. Now tap on the double box icon in the bottom right hand corner of Safari. 
  3. You will see an option now in the bottom left that has Private highlighted. Tap this to turn off private browsing. 

This only applies to iPhone users on iOS7 and iOS8. For earlier versions of iOS see below:

  1. Go to your iPhone's settings - Click the settings icon
  2. Go to Safari Settings
  3. Turn private browsing off